Wharfdale EVO-X215-WEB Double 15" 700W RMS (Excludes Free Shipping)

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The EVO-X Series strikes the perfect balance between affordability and performance. Positioned in-between the Impact Series and the Delta Series of passive loudspeakers, EVO-X is a new multipurpose lineup of 8 models featuring many useful and practical design elements.

All models benefit from a hardwearing Rhino Rock paint finish and are visually enhanced with the iconic Wharfedale Pro ‘boomerang’ logo being engraved onto their surface.  All models also feature practical 4-way handles to make transportation simple and pain-free.

Full range models feature a unique +3dB HF boost switch allowing for quick, on-stage tweaks to be made to the sound as the crowd grows while the 3 subwoofer options all have high pass filter outputs, reducing onstage cabling and peripherals.

Robust crossover designs, elliptical waveguides and large voice coils ensure that the sound quality is as beautiful as the cosmetic design.

+3dB boost
The full range and monitor models of the EVO-X series feature a handy +3dB boost switch.This gives the output a little ‘lift’ when needed depending on the acoustics of the venue.

Inputs are also versatile due to the inclusion of both NL4 (speakON compatible) connectors AND standard 1/4″ jack sockets.

These features mean that EVO-X is simple to setup wherever the performance is taking place.

Tough MDF construction
The cabinet is constructed of MDF.This solid, but still lightweight, material gives EVO-X rigidity and reduces any mechanical distortion which a lesser material may introduce.

The MDF material also contributes to the overall tone of EVO-X. It delivers a warmth and roundness to the sound, making EVO-X a pleasure to listen to, even at higher volumes.

90° x 60° Elliptical waveguides
Along with the smooth sound characteristics, which are enhanced by the MDF construction, the EVO-X series also use 90° x 60° Elliptical waveguides. This waveguide delivers the directional dispersion needed for a variety of live applications and installations, and direct the EVO-X’s IRIS X compression driver’s output to just where you want it.

Key Features
Quasi 3-way Dual 15″ Passive full range
MDF construction
Durable Rhino Rock paint finish
90° x 60° dispersion. Elliptical waveguide
2 x 4-way rubberised handles
Dual speakON compatible and 1/4″ jack inputs
Continuous 700w
Programme 1400w
Peak 2800w

+3dB boost swtich

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