Radiant RD-PRO0GA 0 Gauge Wiring Kit


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Frosted Ultra-flex Red Power Wire 17FT 0GA
Frosted Ultra-flex Black Ground Wire 3FT 0GA
Frosted Ultra-flex Blue Remote Wire 17FT 18GA
Frosted Ultra-flex Speaker Wire 17FT 10GA
Frosted Ultra-flex RCA Interconnect Audio Cable 17FT Plastic plug
Split Loom For Cable Protection 6FT
200A Heavy Duty ANL Fuse (Holder + Fuse)
2 Pcs Ring 0GA gold terminal
2 Pcs Spade 0GA gold terminal
8 Pcs Black Tie
5 Pcs Spade terminal 14-16 GA
3 Pcs Butt Connector
3 Pcs Screw
1 Pc Grommet

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