1. How do I register with Soundmatch?
    Visit our website (www.soundmatch.co.za) and register using your email address and create a password.
  2. How do I buy something from Soundmatch?
    You need to be registered, then add to shopping cart the items you would like to purchase and follow the instructions. Have your credit card details at hand.
  3. Can I return my goods?
    Soundmatch will accept returns when defective, damaged or if the product we’ve sent you is not the same as the product that you’ve ordered.
    See terms and conditions page.
  4. I want to return my order, how can I do this?
    See our terms and conditions page, under Returns, as this is only applicable on defective goods.
  5. Can I cancel my order?
    Send an email to sales@soundmatch.co.za to cancel an item or a complete order. If the order has not yet been processed, it can simply be canceled. Orders that have been dispatched however cannot be cancelled.
  6. What are my delivery options?
    We make use of MDS Collivery, a reputable courier company with very competitive rates.
  7. Does Soundmatch ship internationally?
    We currently do not ship internationally at present.
  8. What happens if an item is out of stock?
    We will find out if how soon we can get in stock and advise you. Alternatively we can offer you the closest alternative.
  9. Is it safe to shop with you?
    Yes we have secure online shopping.
  10. How do I sign up for Newsletters?
    You can sign up on the bottom right of the website.
  11. How do I go about purchasing Gift Vouchers?
    See our Gift voucher page for more info.
  12. What are my payment options?
    Credit card, debit card or EFT.
  13. Can I purchase online, if I do not have a credit or debit card.
    Yes, we accept payments via Direct EFT. SID payments.
    Making a SID payment consists of 4 easy steps. When you choose to make a payment, you will be redirected to the PayWeb payments page - on this page you can select the 'SID Instant EFT' option. You will then be taken to a second page where you can select your bank, once this has been done you will be taken to a third page where you log into the internet banking via the SID interface using your normal login details. You will then be taken to the final page pre-populated with the details of the payment that you can review and confirm - once confirmed that EFT payment is done you will be redirected back to the Soundmatch website.
  14. Can I pay by Debit card?
  15. Can I pay with my eBucks card?
    Unfortunately we do not support E-bucks purchases.
  16. When will my credit card be charged?
    After the successful placing of your order and the approval of your Credit Card
  17. What are Soundmatchs’ banking details?
    See Banking details page for info.
  18. How do I request a quotation?
    Either send us a product enquiry (Found on the right hand side of screen) or e-mail enquiries1@soundmatch.co.za.
  19. Once my order is placed, how long until my order gets dispatched?
    Orders will be dispatched the next morning after order is placed.
  20. Are online details protected?
    Yes they are.
  21. Do I receive an order confirmation?
    Yes you receive an order confirmation.
  22. Do I receive an invoice with my order?
    Yes all orders get dispatched with the original invoice
  23. I have not received my order, and the delivery time has passed?
    Courier company will send you tracking details where you can track your parcel.
  24. I am having technical difficulties and have questions regarding my product?
    Contact us on enquiries1@soundmatch.co.za with any technical questions so we can assist you.
  25. Is VAT included in my total amount?
    Yes all prices on the website are VAT inclusive.
  26. I got too many results, how can I narrow down my search?
    You can search by type and brand, this can be selected on the left hand side column.
  27. If I register as a member will I be bombed with Junk Mail?
    No we only send out newsletters with product information and new releases with specials on offer.
  28. How safe is my credit card details online?
    Completely secure.
  29. Is there any limit to the hours I place an order? Cut-off times etc?
    You can place an order at any hour, however dispatch times will depend on the hour order was placed.
  30. What warranty is there on my purchase?
    See warranty conditions page.
  31. My unit is faulty, what do I do?
    Send us an email  to enquiries1@soundmatch.co.za, and we advise on collection of the faulty goods.  See warranty conditions page for more info.
  32. I want an item ordered that is not in stock, what must I do?
    We will place an order for you, however we will require a deposit before placing the order.
  33. Who should I contact if I have any queries about ordering online?
  34. Are your online prices subject to change?
    Yes they are, without notice.
  35. How do I find out about upcoming events?
    Follow us on Facebook (@Soundmatch) or on Instagram (@Soundmatch1984)
  36. "Why does the site not display correctly on my PC"
    A: Site best viewed on Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome or FireFox