PHILIPS LED P21W WHITE Ultinon 6000K Park Light Bulbs


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Bright signals. Stylish driving.

Durable LED quality

  • LED-T20 [~W21W]
  • Number of bulbs: 2
  • 12 V, 6000 K daylight effect
  • Reverse

Upgrade your lights, upgrade your style

While the main goal of exterior lighting is to help you see and be seen, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look good at the same time. If you’re looking to upgrade your style, without buying a newer car, replacing your exterior lighting with LEDs is a smart way to spend your money. Upgrade your exterior lighting with a more intense red for stop lights, a vibrant amber for turning signals and bright white light for positioning and reversing. Your car is an expression of who you are, so make a style statement with Philips exterior signaling LED lights.

6000K daylight effect improves visibility when reversing

When reversing a car your vision is limited. Due to your seated position, you can’t see all angles at once. And reversing in the dark is even more treacherous. So it’s no surprise accidents are common when in reverse gear. Philips LED reverse lights provide a powerful daylight effect and up to 6000K, better illuminating the area immediately behind your car. And the more you can see, the safer you will be.

Good light distribution for enhanced visibility

Philips LED exterior lighting range is designed for a smarter light distribution to ensure that exterior signaling light is projected where you need it (whether that’s reversing, stopping, or signaling). With wide angle and good light diffusion, not only can you can see more of the road, other drivers can see more of you.

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