Powerbass WARHEAD 1.3000D 25 000W Monoblock Amplifier

PowerbassSKU: WARHEAD1.3000D

Sale priceR 2,999.00


Introducing the PowerBass Warhead 1.3000D Monoblock Amplifier, the epitome of power and precision in car audio. At Depth Customs, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality products that will take your car sound system to new heights. The PowerBass Warhead 1.3000D is a true powerhouse that guarantees an unparalleled audio experience.

With a staggering 25000 Watts of power, this monoblock amplifier delivers jaw-dropping performance. Prepare to be immersed in the deepest bass and the clearest sound quality that will leave you in awe. The PowerBass Warhead 1.3000D is specifically designed to push the boundaries of what is possible, allowing you to experience your music like never before.

Featuring 3000W at 1 Ohm, this amplifier provides exceptional power output that will elevate your sound system to new levels of performance. Whether you are a bass enthusiast or someone who appreciates a well-balanced soundstage, the PowerBass Warhead 1.3000D delivers it all with precision and clarity.

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